1397869_10202737410936480_1358897423_o     GCG consists of two lyricists known as GwoppedUP $peedy & GwoppedUP JD. Born and raised in the rough neighborhoods of Saginaw and Grand Rapids, MI. with their unique street tales & savvy, fly fashion sense, and love for the rap game these two decided back in 2009 after dropping from a popular group in GR known as Fly UPtown COOGI Kid’s to form their own movement which is now known as GCG.

Known for always wearing Cartier glasses and personifying a hustlers way of life they chose to put their life on beats. In 2010 they released their first street album titled “Jumped Off The Porch Early” which was rotated heavily in the streets of Grand Rapids that summer.  Also in 2010 they won a Grand Rapids Hip Award for Club Single Of The Year “Have A Ball”. In December 2011, before JD had to go do a brief sentence they released another project titled “Made In France” which was hosted by DJ Head Debiase. While doing numerous shows throughout the city and putting out real street quality music their buzz continued to grow gradually.


Recently they have released a couple projects, both solo ventures under their independent record label Fuk-A-Hata Entertainment. JD released the project #STSL (Streets Talk Streets Listen) hosted by DJ Head Debiase, and $peedy released the mix-tape titled #TruthBeTold. As of now their working on their very anticipated album “Cartier Musik Vol. 1” and “Marauders” with DJ Head Debiase. “I see us making history for our city and our creativeness, consistency and grind will take us to the top. The streets are most definelty watching and paying attention. GCG will be a household name one day. With hit’s like “Why Not’, “Do The Math”, “Nothin'”, and “Last Dance” they are the new sound of GR.
You Can follow GCG on Twitter:
@GwoppedupSpeedy & @Buffys_On_Ice
Also on IG:
@Gwoppedup_Speedy & @Gwoppedup_JD

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